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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  January 2, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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the news keeps coming, brian bolter with the news edge at 11:00. the news edge beginning in virginia with dangerous situation for a mother in her car with her toddler when she discovered her brakes were not working. turns out someone had cut them. police know who did it. fox 5's wisdom martin on top of this one tonight. >> we're getting an explanation tonight from a family member. the suspect's sister says her brother is not a crazy person. he is a fabulous father who made a super bad choice. 36-year-old kevin riley of woodbridge, virginia, in jail -- kevin reilly of woodbridge, virginia, in jail charged with cutting the brake line of his sister's car. brooke lockamy said kevin has been the sole provider for my 2- year-old nephew and has temporary custody. the mother was allowed to baby- sit at his home with the agreement she would not leave. so what went wrong? prince william county police say december 30iest before 10
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a.m. a 23-year-old -- 30th before 10 a.m. a 23-year-old mother and her 2- year-old child got into a vehicle. >> the two got into a vehicle and were attempting to go leave and she noticed there was an issue with her brakes. reporter: she was having trouble stopping the car, so she took it to a repair shop. they told her the brake line had been cut. investigators later derm her boyfriend kevin reilly is the one who cut. >> she had a previous -- cut it. >> she had a previous domestic encounter over an ongoing issue. reporter: his sister brooke explains what happens by saying he was afraid she was going to leave. he didn't sever the brake line. he pommed it loose. his intention was to make sure she -- pulled it loose. his intention was to make sure she did not leave by disabling the car. reilly was charged with two counts of attempted malicious wounding, vehicle tampering and destruction of property. no injuries were reported in this case. as of right now, a court date has not yet been set.
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a wild police chase and crash in montgomery county began when police tried to pull over main for questioning about a domestic -- a man for questioning about a domestic dispute this afternoon. he took off weaving police into silver spring. the suspect ended up hitting a police cruiser and utility poll. drugs and guns were found in the suspect's car. he's now mind bars. new details about the new year's -- behind bars. new die tames about the new year's -- details about the new year's day crash. five people were in the suv when it swerved off the road. 18-year-old kaitlin gallagher and 20-year-old nicholas clayton died. alcohol containers were found in the car, but police have not said it was a factor. friends and family at the memorial today say the months is a painful reminder of drinking and -- say it's a painful reminder of drunking and driving. >> when your parents say they'll pick up you from any
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situation, you're going to get grounded, but you're going to be alive. >> the driver and two other passengers were injured but will be okay. they were wearing seatbelts, but police don't know if the victims were buckled up. hours away from the first real votes for the republican nomination. the race remains unpredictable which kept the gop candidates busy today as they made their final push. fox's craig boswell in des moines with the latest of. reporter: it has been a roller coaster ride for candidates with less than 24 hours to make their case to voters in the hawkeye state. >> the traditional way of campaigning in iowa is on the ground of. reporter: republican presidential candidates make their final pleas to iowa caucus voters. >> i need you tomorrow night. i need every single vote in this room. >> i'm asking for your vote. i'm asking you to vote your conservative values. that's what this is about. >> we're very excited. we look forward to tomorrow night. reporter: six of the seven major republican presidential candidates are criss-crossing
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the state ahead of tuesday's all important vote. >> they realize we don't have a lot of electoral votes. so what's good about this is we get our voice now. >> the american people are stirring. this is what this campaign has been all about. this is what the vote is about tomorrow. reporter: caucusgoers signaling their choice in less than 24 hours possibly whittling down the field. >> we would the to see the leadership and people answering specific questions about what they intend to do, how they intend to work with congress to get this country back on pace of. reporter: months of campaigning leading to this, iowans ultimately picking a candidate they feel is in line with their state's values. >> the one thing about the people in iowa is common sense. they can see through the bull crap and all. basically that's it. reporter: iowa caucuses typically near the field but could be different this year with the cluster of candidates polling so close together. 41% right now said they could
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change their mind before tuesday's vote. craig boswell, fox news. >> the fox 5 storm force tracking a bitter blast of winter air, taking a live look outside. the mild temperatures that kicked off the new year, gone. now it feels like it should, january. just the beginning. sue palka with an update in the weather center. >> this is the coldest day since last february. i just checked the temperature in des moines, only 19 degrees there, cold and dry for the caucuses. it's a taste of winter we'll get in d.c. even with a flurry or two, perhaps you saw some today. temperatures will be the big story and we are expecting a very cold tuesday. now tonight temperatures are chilly. we are getting told, but between the clouds and the breeze we've -- cold, but between the clouds and breeze, we've had colder, some 20s as well. we'll drop to the mid-20s to near 20 in the northern and western suburbs. it's that push of cold air on the other side of the mountains that will come in. pittsburgh is only 23, chicago
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19 degrees. our temperatures will not rise very much tomorrow. in fact, we're at 34 degrees now. that's what our high temperature for the day should be tomorrow. winds still a bit gusty tonight on the order of 18 to 22 miles per hour. they could be as high as 30 miles per hour tomorrow. we are getting ready for wind chills in the teens and 20s during the day. right now our wind chill in d.c. is 26 with a few teens out there. that is actually going to be the big story tomorrow probably. overnight get ready for temperature says in the 20s, but during the day tomorrow you'll need the layers as we brace for teens and 20s and maybe even a flurry. we'll keep an eye on that snow. i'll let you know where the winter storm warnings are flying and we'll check that five-day forecast coming up. 7-eleven convenience stores now a hot target for robbers looking for quick cash. since october robbers held up clerks in 26 local convenience stores, three in the last two days. fox 5's paul wagner working that one. reporter: just after 6:00 new
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year's eve morning these men entered a forest heights 7- eleven and announced a robbery. one of the cameras in the store snagged a good tight shot of one of the men, but a mask is covering most of his face. the very next morning new year's day and just after 6 a.m. two masked men entered a 7- eleven on branch avenue in temple hills where they jumped the counter stealing cigarettes and cash. two robberies so similar investigators are convinced they were carried out by the time men. >> there's two suspects involved here. they're both wearing dark masks armed with guns, but we do believe there may be r people involved wait is outside. reporter: in the last 48 -- waiting outside. reporter: in the last 48 hours two masked gunmen have robbed three 7-elevens in prince george's county, the latest on livingston road and ft. washington where they hit this 7-eleven around 3:30 this morning. an hour later another 7-eleven was robbed in a similar fashion auto capitol hill. d.c. police say two -- on capitol hill.
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d.c. police say two armed men wearing masks entered this 7- eleven on eighth street southeast at 4:40 a.m., announced a stickup, jumped the counter and poped the cash register. there was -- opened the cash register. there was no lookout, but men were seen leaving in a silver vehicle with damage to the driver's side door. >> we started noticing the robberies at 7-elevens in late october. we started getting a rash of robberies in the 7-elevens in the month of december. reporter: these three men were arrested for attempting to hold up a mount rainier 7-eleven, theodore scott, brandon weaver and dexter deleon have been all charged with armed robbery. in the district investigators have been investigating robberies at a 7-eleven on rhode island avenue and georgia avenue. on rhode island avenue the robber worked alone and at the georgia avenue 7-eleven police made an arrest after two
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deliverymen stepped in and held the suspect until officers arrived. >> paul wagner reporting. the iraq war vet accused of killing a park ranger has been found dead. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> it appears deep snow did what hundreds of officers could not, trap former iraq war veteran benjamin barnes. police believe barnes shot the mount rainier park ranger in washington who tried to stop him from blowing through a checkpoint. a body was discovered lying face down in icy mountain creek. there were some reports barnes suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder following his iraq deployment. an arrest today in los angeles following a series of apparent arson attacks. l.a. police tonight say 24-year-old harry burkhart is being held without bail. they believe he is connected to more than 50 fires that flared since friday in the hollywood area causing about $3 million in damage. investigating the death of a man in fair fact county tonight, the body of a man floating in the belle haven
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marina in george washington parkway discovered today. if two boaters discovered the body -- two boaters discovered the body around 9:00 this morning. terrifying moments for fame this weekend. their car plunged into -- a family this weekend. their car plunged into an icy river with their family trapped inside. check out some of the other stories on our rundown. the news edge at 11:00 will be right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.  ♪ i'm feelin', feelin' a sunny day ♪ ♪ sunny day ♪ i'm feelin', feelin' the taste i crave ♪ ♪ subway ♪ i'm makin' it, makin' it how i like ♪ ♪ it's meant to be ♪ i'm feelin' subway ♪ i'm feelin' subway today [ male announcer ] hey, capital area! are you feelin' subway®? then heat up your day with the big hot pastrami melt!
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a life saving rescue in salt lake city after this car plunged into the logan river saturday. a father managed to get out but couldn't free the two 9-year- olds and a 4-year-old inside. the former police officer was one of several people who stopped to help. there were a father and son who followed his lead. >> he said let's go, boys. he jumped in and then again a large mass of people followed him in. >> the man next to me started yelling my son, my son is still in the car. he's on the other side. we have to flip the car and i looked in and i could see his boy upside down in the water. >> the former officer used his handgun to shoot out the back window and reach inside pulling the older children out one by one. then the crowd flipped the car over to get the little boy in his car seat. the children are all recovering from hypothermia. to a fox 5 consumer alert,
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the new year means higher prices, tow hikes and a new tax. laura evans has that and more in your fox 5 top five. >> are you returning a gift bought online? if so, you're not alone. no. 5, ups expects to see record numbers of returned gifts mailed this week, the busiest day tomorrow. the company expects to handle more than 550,000 returns, electronics and clothing the most popular items. no. 4, could do wonders for your teenager's new year's resolution list. a new study says a lot of exercise is not only good for their health but may boost their grades. the researchers say exercise increases in blood and oxygen flow to the brain which may play a role in improving classroom performance. no. 3, you'll have to spend more to try your luck at the lottery. prices for powerball tickets are doubling to two bucks. lottery organizers hope the higher price will send jackpots soaring and get more people to play. the price change goes into effect january 15th. no. 2, the new year means toll
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hikes as well. in virginia a 25-cent increase is in effect at the main plaza toll rudd now $1.50. on and off -- road now $1.50. on and off roads are still the same, 75 cents. reporter: no. 1, you now have to pay a 5-cent tax for paper and plastic backs at montgomery county retailers. there are exceptions for prescription drug bags, newspaper bags, garbage, pet and yard waste bags and farmer's markets bags. the money collected will go towards the county's environmental effort. >> i'll bundle those kids up, bundle everything up tomorrow. >> most definitely. i think it's going to be kind of a shock to the system, the type of thing where people say whoa, didn't know it was going to be this cold. now you know. be prepared nor it.
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live look outside -- for it. live look outside, a bit of a breeze going. we'll have colder air rolling in late tonight and during the day tomorrow. so a reinforcing shot. what we might say is the mother load of the cold air will head into town. here's the deal. we have this last disturbance up through western pennsylvania and once this comes through which will be late tonight and tomorrow not only will it really get the snow levels going up through the great lakes, that northwest wind really does, it but down here in d.c. and the mid-atlantic it's going to feel like it's in the teens and 20s from the wind and this fresh influx of cold air we're expecting during the day tomorrow. your high temperature tomorrow which should average around 43 degrees and we've been way above that this december and also through november, only 33 degrees tomorrow. you have to go back to february 9th to find a day as cold as tomorrow is projected to be. wednesday is not much better. it's 35 degrees. the good news is i don't think wednesday will be as windy. now thursday, here we. go this is a little more like
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it, average temperature 43. we'll be very close to it and by friday up to 47 degrees and into the weekend we think we can start improving on those temperatures, but cold tonight. we've seen colder. the breeze and the clouds are keeping the atmosphere mixed up a bit relatively speaking, but we've still got some 20s out there. we will likely have to keep the wind chill factored in in the overnight hours. it's already feeling like it's in the teens far to our west. there had been a wind chill advisory posted for the mountains that has been dropped. your wind chill could be 0 in the mountains. watch for blowing and drifting snow out there. wind chill in d.c. is 26 degrees. overnight most places will fall to the mid-20s if not near 20 degrees. the deal is it doesn't really warm up more than about 10 degrees from there during the day tomorrow. you could see a flurry or two. here's what's going on as this very cold air comes across the lakes which are not frozen. it's producing a whole lot of lake effect snow.
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they'll get 6 to 12 inches up here and that's what we're expecting in the mountains of western virginia and west virginia as well as virginia. could be a snowflake here and there later tonight. maybe this batch holds up coming down from the south, but again it's really the cold we'll be talking about. if you are heading out to the west, you should know winter storm warnings are up for places like preston and tucker for 6 to 12 inches of snow and we have winter weather advisories flying, but visibility blowing and drifting snow will also be a problem. those go until 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. here's your futurecast. maybe a chance of a flurry here, but it's all going to be about the wind and cold. we'll ditch the wind but keep the cold for wednesday. most of the snow will stay to our north and west. five-day forecast time and we do promise a warm-up toward the end of the week, friday about 47 degrees and saturday looking pretty good at 52 degrees. hey, maybe you can get a tee time because i guess you won't be watching any redskins football. we've got more on that with our sports report right now. now.
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this is your local nissan dealer sports desk in hd with dave feldman. >> hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman. mike shanahan just finished his second year with the washington redskins. it just so happens it was one game worse than his first year, but as coach said, he's not discouraged. in fact, he thinks this team is much better off than it was a year ago. he told dan snyder this is a five-year rebuild when he was hired. yesterday in philly the eagles blue open a tight game with 21 unanswered points in the 4th quarter. the michael vick to desean jackson hook-up for the 64 machine yard touchdown was the big play -- 64-yard touchdown was the big play. despite 11 wins in two seasons, the head coach is confident his partnership with dan snyder is working. >> you constantly keep him updated on what direction you intend on going both in the free agency and the draft. he's been very supportive.
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he wants to do it the right way. he understands it's not going to happen overnight if you do it the right way and i appreciate his support. 36-year-old london fletcher is the redskins heart and soul continues to defy father time leaving the nfl with 166 tackles and that also marked a career high. fletcher is analyte for the pro bowl once again. rex grossman is a free -- agent. rex was asked if he still believes he'll be a redskin next season. >> i'm going work at it like i'm a starter somewhere and figure out a way to improve and when i do get an opportunity, make the best of it. >> i want to be part of something where i have to establish something, you know. call me crazy, but like i said, it's also really up to them whether i'm still here or not. the rose bowl, wisconsin
11:21 pm
and oregon, heisman trophy finalist soaring over the ducks defense, good landing, too. early 4th quarter oregon trails 38-35, darron thomas with the fake rolls right and finds tuana, lynch yards for the game winning touchdown. oregon defeats wisconsin 45-38. interim coach tom bradley and penn state facing houston in the ticket city bowl. 2nd quarter houston leading 17- 7. keenan steps up and though. s to a wide open patrick edwards -- throws to a wide open patrick edwards. houston beats penn state 30-14 to finish the season 13-1. look, folks, we're not done. when we return, we'll show you why flip saunders made an early exit against the celtics in beantown. flip was incensed! stay with us. d@
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welcome back. the wiz and celtics met tonight for the second time in two days. the wiz is the only winless team in the nba. early 1st half rashard lewis head fake, shot is blocked and a lot of contact and no foul was called. flip saunders loses it. runs out on the floor, two ts, ejected, 1:46 into the game. later 1st half javale mcgee on the steal, drives down the lane and dunks it, but he's called for taunting.
11:25 pm
that was john wall called for taunt. wizards led by 1 at the half. a pass to nick young for the dunk, tied at 56. late in the game wall with a bad pass, pierce to ray allen who made six of seven three aircrafts wizards falling to the celtics 100-92. --. virginia tweeze lsu 57--- defeat lsu 57-62. tomorrow the caps host the flames. the winter classic this afternoon, flyers hosting the rangers outside citizens park. brian callahan behind the net centers in front. rangers edge the flyers 3-2. the fourth time in five years the road team has won the
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winter classic. two nfl head coaches fired today, steve spagnola and raheem morris. i'm dave feldman. brian is back with the edge. stay with us. have a good night. it's my coffee when i want it. you press a button, you have great dunkin' coffee. i got my coffee for the morning, i got my dunkin' k-cup packs for the rest of the day. only available at dunkin' donuts restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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it's going to be windy with wind chills in the teens, but each day this week it looks like it will uptick a bit, so by the end of the week our temperatures should be closer to 52 degrees on saturday. >> now you have the news edge. of course, the news is always on back here tomorrow. hope you will be, too. see you.


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